Darion came to CCA in 2016 after seeing his older brother Quinton (class of 2010) come to CCA and successfully earn his high school diploma. Darion thought, "If this worked for my brother, it will work for me too."

Previously, Darion had experiences when he had either dropped out or been expelled from school. After witnessing his brother's transformation during his time at CCA, Darion decided he'd give it a try.

Darion describes his own CCA experience as life changing. He said he didn't want to drop out like he had before because he knew that the staff cared and wanted to help. Darion stated that being at CCA also transformed his life by helping him get closer to God.

Best CCA Memory: Brofest 2K17

Special Shout Out: My brother because he's always got my back

Plans After Graduation: To become a graphic designer or software engineer

Graduate Gratitude: Read Darion's sweet thank you letter to the CCA staff.

Darion Thank You Letter.jpg