Expected Student Outcomes

Cornerstone Crossroads Academy aims to graduate students who know, love, and follow Christ.

Developing Urban Youth

  • who are able to discern and apply Christian worldviews in their everyday lives
  • who manifest the ability to ask great questions and investigate to receive adequate answers
  • who understand their identity in Christ and how to walk in that identity within their communities
  • who take ownership and responsibility for their lives as well as for their learning by practicing the BIG 3: showing up, working hard, and treating others with respect
  • who are action-oriented and committed individuals who make a difference within their family, neighborhood, community, and the world
  • who are dedicated to learning, applying knowledge in academic areas (literacy, mathematics, history, science, fine arts) and soft skills (communication, advocacy, problem solving, conflict resolution, and leadership)

Transformative Education

  • by understanding that transformative change comes through Christ
  • by experiencing education from a biblical perspective
  • by understanding that a diploma is not the end goal, but that learning is a lifelong process
  • by taking the next steps, by completing the college application process
  • by thinking critically and applying learning to solve real world problems

Equipping Future Leaders

  • who will engage in leadership development opportunities while practicing effective leadership characteristics
  • who understand the stewardship of time and resources
  • who develop a greater self-awareness and discernment when responding to authority
  • who set and achieve short-term and long term goals
  • who demonstrate gratitude, humility, courage, and compassion

Impacting their Communities through Christ

  • by living in Christian community within the local church
  • by being a bridgebuilder, building relationships among those in and out of their community
  • by advocating and acting for justice while fighting against apathy and ignorance
  • by valuing human life
  • by discovering the joy of serving others in their community and treating each individual they encounter with respect
  • by rejecting passivity and using their God-given gifts and talents for their benefit of God's kingdom

Student Progress

As of the third quarter of the 2017-18 school year, Cornerstone Crossroads Academy students have completed:

CCA Student progress - as of Q3 (2).png

Accelerated Reader

At CCA, we use Accelerated Reader (AR), a program designed to encourage the regular practice of reading.

Each day, we have 15 minutes of Silent Sustained Reading (SSR), where everyone in the school - students, staff, and volunteers - take time to read.

After SSR and throughout the week, students are able to take AR tests on the books that they've read.

What to help our Reading Warriors?

Read "One for the Books" to learn how you can join us in encouraging and improving literacy at CCA!


Continuous School Improvement

We have developed a Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP), in which we have set goals for each identified area of improvement.

Financial Stability

  • Goal: Design and implement a broader, more robust donor cultivation program to provide a long-term funding base for the school.

Academic Engagement/Leadership Academy/Student Work Program

  • Goal: Develop opportunities to increase student engagement in the learning process through hands-on, relevant experiential learning.

School Facility Improvement and Expansion

  • Goal: Improve facility to address immediate pressures; design and build a new facility that is conducive to accomplishing the mission of CCA.

School Improvement Team

  • Goal: Establish a School Improvement Team (SIT) which will ensure the implementation of the CSIP.

Alumni Support

  • Goal: Develop a systematic way to connect with CCA graduates in order to continue relationships and spiritual development begun at CCA.

Impact Reports