Transformative Education

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The mission of Cornerstone Crossroads Academy is to develop urban youth through transformative education, equipping future leaders to impact their communities through Christ.

So, what is "transformative education"?

We believe that transformative education includes any learning opportunity that leads to profound growth and change. It is a paradigm shift. It is second order change. Transformative education goes beyond traditional classroom learning.

At CCA, transformative education involves exposing students to the hope and abundant life found in Christ. While students learn about U.S. history, geometry, or health, their coursework is supplemented with a Biblical worldview of each subject. Students learn the true meaning of endurance while training for long-distance races.

Transformative education at CCA also includes an intentional, relational approach to education. We model the love that God has shown us. We engage in servant leadership. We seek Biblical approaches to conflict resolution. Students learn how to develop and maintain healthy relationships.

Why are these things important?

We expect every student who enrolls at CCA to graduate with a high school diploma and enter college and/or the workforce. To that end, we strive to equip students to learn, think, plan, and problem-solve.

It is our prayer that our graduates become men and women of God, who see Him as their help, their guidance, and their portion, looking to His ways of doing things and modeling their lives after Him. We pray they live life in the shadows of His wings.

  • S- SEEKER OF TRUTH- asking questions, thinking through problems, listening to wise counsel
  • H- HUMBLE AND THANKFUL- appreciating and valuing others with words and actions, acknowledging help from others and strengths of others. 
  • A- ACTIVE VS. PASSIVE- thinking, imagining, participating, problem-solving, being a doer.
  • D- DEPENDABLE AND COMMITTED- Present, on time, responsible, striving to make a difference everywhere you go. 
  • O- ORGANIZED- responsible and a good steward of time, money, and property
  • W- WARRIOR- fighting injustice, inertia, apathy, and ignorance. 
  • S- SINCERE AND POSITIVE- being authentic in relationships, encouraging yourself and others.