Locals Go Global

Learning to Serve - Serving to Learn.jpg

Dear Friends,
I am so excited to share that Cornerstone Crossroads Academy has the opportunity to go on its first international mission trip! Over the years our students have grown a great desire to serve and travel. Given that our staff serve in local missions and occasionally on the global mission field, it only makes sense that our students are hungry for opportunities to serve locally and abroad (1 Corinthians 11:1).


Local Missionaries

When it comes to serving, our motto is Learning to Serve, Serving to Learn. There are many opportunities to live out the gospel right here in South Dallas, and we have been very strategic in encouraging our students to serve our community.

Going Global

We feel that CCA students should also get the opportunity to experience a global view of God's word through short term global missions. When approached with the opportunity to participate in a week-long international mission project in Guatemala with HELPS International, our students were ecstatic!

Going on this trip requires some strategic fundraising. However, we trust that God has provided this opportunity to expand the horizons of the students who are selected to attend.