Who We Are

WE ARE FAMILY! - *Cue Sister Sledge* Sing it with us! In all seriousness, at Cornerstone Crossroads Academy, we take the concept of community to heart. CCA is more than a school, and we are more than just students and staff. Our community is comprised of students, staff and leadership, volunteers, donors, churches, and community partners. Click on the images below to learn more about each group.

What We Do

TRANSFORMATIVE EDUCATION - Cornerstone Crossroads Academy is much more than a school. In addition to earning credits towards a high school diploma, CCA students have several opportunities for development and support.



Life Coaching & Case Management


Working Warriors


Why We Do It


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Cornerstone Crossroads Academy was founded in 2006 by Jim and Jane Beckett of Dallas, Texas.

The Becketts were inspired to begin the school after they volunteered with Hope Literacy in the city’s juvenile justice system. Based on their experiences, the Becketts believed that many good kids were lost in “the system”. These kids had given up on their dream of graduating from high school in order to avoid what had become daily confusion and disappointment due to the large, public school environment.

We are so grateful to the Becketts for their vision, generosity, and investment in the lives of young people!


Cornerstone Crossroads Academy exists to expose at-risk high school students to the hope and abundant life found in Christ, equipping students to know God and serve Him forever. It is our desire that CCA graduates become independently functioning and productive members of the community who influence their families, neighborhoods, and communities for Christ.

The mission of Cornerstone Crossroads Academy is to develop urban youth through transformative education, equipping future leaders to impact their communities for Christ.


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We expect every student who enrolls at CCA to graduate with a high school diploma and enter college and/or the workforce. To that end, we strive to equip students to learn, think, plan, and problem-solve.

To date, 119 students have received a high school diploma from CCA. Read our CCA Stories blog to learn more about our students and graduates.